PHP Selector Installation

The installation of PHP Selector presumes that you already have CageFS & LVE Manager installed.

Installation of different versions of PHP & modules:

$ yum groupinstall alt-php

Update CageFS & LVE Manager with support for PHP Alternatives

$ yum update cagefs lvemanager

cPanel/WHM: Make sure ‘Select PHP version’ is enabled in Feature Manager

IMPORTANT: Please, do not use settings like SuPHP_ConfigPath, PHPRC, PHP_INI_SCAN_DIR. Do not redefine path to php.ini and ini-files for php modules. Doing that can break PHP Selector functionality.

For example, alternative php5.2 versions should load /opt/alt/php52/etc/php.ini file and scan /opt/alt/php52/etc/php.d directory for modules:

Configuration File (php.ini) Path /opt/alt/php52/etc
Loaded Configuration File /opt/alt/php52/etc/php.ini
Scan this dir for additional .ini files /opt/alt/php52/etc/php.d
additional .ini files parsed /opt/alt/php52/etc/php.d/alt_php.ini

Those are default locations for alt-php.

If you need custom PHP settings per user, please change them via “Edit PHP settings” feature of PHP Selector.